A catalyst for better social media promotions

ByPhilip Passman

A catalyst for better social media promotions

The dramatic changes occurring due to rapid technological advancement has left companies constantly playing catch up, as they scramble to make the right decision that provides a competitive edge. Not too long ago, when social media first surfaced, solely small sized innovative companies adopted a social media strategy, most big companies remained skeptical about the true benefit of social platforms. However, as the benefit became more obvious, major brands and companies began to embrace social media and adopt a social media strategy. Look- the moral of the story is, Social media is important and can be deployed as a strategy but it has to be done right. Are you familiar with the resource based view approach?

It emphasises on a company’s resources, as the fundamental determinant in creating a competitive advantage and performance. In other words, making the best out of the resources available to you to boost performance.

There are three main types of promotion which include, paid promotion, owned promotion and earned promotion. Social media platforms, fall under the owned promotion category, you own it so make the best out of it. When you create a Facebook account, you are required to register as a member in order to have access and join in on community activities. You control how you are perceived in the community. Similar to real life, these online communities consist of other members living their digital lives, sharing thoughts, opinions, photos and videos. From a business perspective, this unlocks potential opportunities as it enables direct and unlimited access to its customers and future prospects for free! Guess that explains why the big brands decided to change strategy. It gets even better, you can hold multiple social identities and participate in several social media platforms.

Well then, this is easy, anyone can do that? The answer to that is no, not if you intend on achieving set business objectives. There are other things to consider such as target audience, level of sophistication of target audience, which social media platform are my target audience active on? Identifying the right platforms your target audience are most active on, is significant to having a successful social media campaign.A promotional campaign that requires players to upload original video content will get very little or zero response from a target market that primarily consumes content and does not create any content. Research a little to collect some data before you launch a social media promotional campaign. People tend to create alter egos in the digital world however, majority of social media consumers remain spectators and consume content passively.

Marketers have found ways to segment the market for social consumers and now teaching businesses of all sizes this formula. Marketers can now collect information from our digital footprints – which comprises of the traces we leave as we interact online and when you share social content. The use of analytics is fundamental for measuring progress on a promotional campaign. Have an expert or influencer test your product and give a review on your product, that way your business becomes more credible and gains more recognition.  If you would like to learn more about planning social media strategies, then get in touch now to book a consultation for free now! Remember make the most of  your available resources!


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