Social media advertising

ByPhilip Passman

Social media advertising

Social media is amid the fastest growing channels for advertising, this is because millennials pay attention to social media posts and constantly want to be entertained. As one myself, I have no time for adverts that interrupt my favorite TV shows, so during halftime breaks, I pick up my phone and check my Twitter updates. I’m willing to give my important attention to a video or photo with 150 retweets from someone interesting on Twitter and be entertained! If the photo or video attached to the post, happened to be your product or brand then you have a potential customer.Each social platform offers something a little different.

According to Mintel, more than two fifths (43%) of social media users can recollect engaging with a brand/product advertisement on the likes of Facebook and Twitter in the last three months.

that couldn’t be more accurate, as the only advert I can recall is the google advert promoted on social media platforms which features ‘Nusr_et’, famously known as Saltbae. Understanding the benefits, each social platform offers will facilitate better ROI. Below are known stats on each platform:

Facebook – Engagement at scale

  • Reach-37 million, which is half of the UK population
  • 29 million users log in each day
  • Average user logins in up to 14 times a day
  • Average person has 150 friends
  • Best used for reach and mobile

Instagram – Inspiration/Aspiration

  • 150 million global active users
  • 80 million photos and videos posted every day
  • Best used visual images/ videos high impact
  • Users actively looking for inspiration within the platform

Twitter – Engagement and conversation

  • UK reach 15+million
  • 44% of users follow brands to keep up the latest news
  • 42% follow for offers, promos, and sales
  • Best used for engaging and mobile

Snapchat – Young Audience

  • UK reach- 8million daily
  • 62% of users of audiences between 13-24
  • Over 350million video views in the UK every day on snap chat
  • Live stories are watched by approximately 2M Snapchat users in the UK per day
  • Approximately 5M snapchat users in the UK view discover every month

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