Social Media is now an important component of any business, as it helps to drive multiple amounts of targeted traffic to your website.


What is Social Media Marketing?

The majority of businesses nowadays are using various Internet marketing techniques to reach millions of new customer every day within their target market.  Social Media is simply, one form of online marketing.  It is simply the process of promoting a brand, product or service.  Via various online platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, and youtube.People join social media networks to share various amount of information to friends and family. Information shared could range from videos to pictures.  and create profiles and share various details of information, photos and videos with their friends or contacts.


Social Media management can be time-consuming as it usually includes the following: 

– Maintenance of your chosen social media accounts, on at least 3 networks.
– continually adding relevant and up-to-date content.
– Accepting and adding friends to grow your list/network
– Responding to questions asked.
– Interacting with your growing community.
– Tailoring each of your platforms, to ensure they are specified to your particular niche/market.
– continually building a relationship with those who are following you.
– analysing the generated traffic.
– Daily account management.

In addition to all of the above, you also need to create/maintain an effective SEO strategy and manage your social media PPC campaigns, track all your conversion rates and undertake specif market research for your next product idea!

Green Internet marketing have designed 3 packages to take care of this for you.


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