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ByPhilip Passman

Mobile Marketing

As a digital native, I sometimes wonder how humans lived on the planet without the internet, television, and smartphones. I do everything from my mobile device, my natural planning process for each day begins with checking my email, the news, social media, travel information, the weather in that order. An unnatural scenario would be waking up without my mobile device or the internet, in which case I find myself at a primal state, feeling like a caveman.

Mobile marketing is an old phenomenon. However, the pivotal role of the smart mobile device has facilitated a higher saturation of mobile devices. Ownership has reached 87 percent in Germany, 83 percent in the UK and 74 percent in France. There has never been a time with more mobile devices in people’s pockets.  Smartphones have surpassed laptop as the number one device. 90% of 16-24-year-old own smartphones – while 49% of adults check smartphones within five minutes of waking up and the ownership of smartphones is increasing among 55-65 age bracket.

One would think this would have remarkable marketing implication but this is not the case. Consumers show acceptance to mobile ads but engagement remains a struggle. According to Mintel, Consumers tend to show a degree of acceptance to mobile ads to enjoy free content/app but find pop up banners ads an annoyance and very disruptive. With mobile ads, constantly a growing concern among consumers, some network providers are beginning to take action

Tesco mobile approach offers consumers the power to control what ads they receive. In partnership with mobile platform unlockd, Tesco will show ads, discounts offer and branded content to its pay monthly customers with the Xtras app. Pay monthly Customers will save £3 per month if they sign up and download the app. To sign up, customers will need to enter their age, interest, and preference to prevent being exposed to irrelevant ads. This means you get to control of the ads you see and get a discount on the monthly bill. However, this is only available on Android.

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