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ByPhilip Passman

Video Advertising

Content is king and video is the king of content! Marketers have increased their efforts with video advertising because it cleverly scales over the defensive wall we have built up over time to Keep out annoying ad’s. In many instances, ads are seen as annoying and frustrating. Personally, I try to make them go away or never pay attention to them- activating my ad force field.

A large segment of consumers remain unfazed by advertisements.


According to Mintel, nearly one third of consumers believe they can’t be influenced by marketing, no matter the medium.


Combined with an increased use of ad-block software’s, marketers have to create content that is not only engaging but also non-disruptive to consumers.  Video ads could provide an answer to the challenge of getting through to more consumers. The entertainment factor about video advertising allows flexibility for marketers to get creative with conveying message and information.

Subjectively speaking, it’s easier to recall a creative entertaining video ad than a billboard ad, flyers or poster. In 2015, Honda Launched its ignition campaign. Working with Creative Network, a creative agency based in London- they released an ad showcasing all Honda machines in a very creative entertaining style, making the video ad very difficult to forget till this day. If I were hypnotised by Darren brown today to enhance my memory, I most likely will not remember the information on a flyer someone handed me two years ago.

Not many businesses possess the capital to outsource expensive and highly competent marketing agencies like creative Network. However, a big impact video ads can be achieved on a small budget. Influencers on YouTube with millions of hits and thousands of subscribers do it from their bedrooms and kitchen. In which case, you only require a camera and individual ingenuity.

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