Video is now the craze! Its now generating at least 82% of Internet traffic, and according to studies is only going to rise.

  • Every hour, more and more videos are being uploaded globally and on average at least 6 billion videos are watched every day. The most popular video engagement platform used now is YouTube, this platform is ranked second place after Google. People are spending considerably less time reading blog posts, and magazine articles. Most people are opting to rather watch a video on YouTube instead, which can easily display globally, with a choice of over 75 different languages. This form of marketing has the potential to drive mass amounts of traffic to your site.


Video marketing benefits:

  • Clearly, shows your company in the best light
  • Virtually grabs the attention of your clients and customers
  • Confirms your creditably and expertise
  • Easily builds a personality, around your brand, because of your real live face!

Common Video Myths Exposed…

  1. You Have To Look Good on Camera The truth is customers relate far better to people when there is a personal touch in the video. A video is a powerful tool, that demands the attention of your customers, builds credibility, increases your selling power, and much more. You do not have to be a professional model or actor! Plus you do not even have to get behind the camera if you really do not want to!
  2. You Have To Be A Technical Wiz the savvy software packages that we have readily available, has made it very easy to record, edit and share a video globally within a few hours.
  3. Some Fields /Niches Cannot Be Promoted Through A video Format–This is incorrect- All niches can be promoted through a video format, whether you are promoting a service/ product/ or providing specific industry tips.
  4. You Have To Be An Expert Interestingly video marketing gives you the opportunity to establish your company as an expert in your niche in an extremely short space of time!


With Video Marketing, you easily provide your potential clients with the specific information they are looking for. Sometimes customers maybe are searching for information regarding a product that you sell, or they may be looking for help via some ‘How To videos’, or, they may just be looking to find out new skills/ techniques.

Regardless of what your customers are looking for, you will be able to satisfy their curiosity, with a video. Green Internet Marketing can help you decided what particular video is best for your specific promotional needs.

Please, please! Don’t waste any more of your money, time and business opportunities with poor marketing. Contact us today and let’s get started!