At Green Internet Marketing we have a team of designers that specialise in web design for businesses and individuals looking to promote their product or service online.

Most people do not spend much time or effort on their website, which is a mistake. Your website is should be thought of as shop storefront, it should help establish your business creditability and trust in the eyes of your consumer. It should be very easy to navigate around, there is honestly no point of having a fancy website that is, for example, to slow to load, so captures zero attention and in turn zero lead Generation. [This is usually through lead pages, etc.]

A frequently asked question about websites:



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Facts about selling online:

The 3 key steps to selling online:

  1. Driving specific traffic to your website Traffic strategies
  2. Customer engagement and activity on your website Website design
  3. The Conversion of turning a visitor into a buyer/customer Sales Process

Each key step is essential to your selling online. Without one of these steps in place, you would be failing to maximise your returns online!

You will notice that Website design is step 2 in the process!